Administration & Staff

Pacific Valley School boasts some of the most dedicated faculty and staff in the state. Our teachers are expert educators who work hard to make sure each student receives a truly tailored education. As a district, we make every decision with our students’ best interest in mind. We welcome you to get to know the members of our team and contact any one of them with your questions or concerns. 

Meet Our Team


Gordon Piffero
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Susan Perry
Administrative Assistant
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Office Staff

Lisa Gering
School Secretary, Instructional Aide
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Sarah Harlan
Secretary, Preschool Instructor, Instructional Aide
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Dave Allan
All Grade Levels: Art, Science, Music, Biology, Grants & Round Up
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Karen Beecher
Grades 4-12: Language Arts, Math, CA History, Geography, Special Education
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Carl Grover
Grades 3-12: History, Math, Life Sciences
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Gail Chambers
5th Grade Language Arts
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Gael Cunningham
Grades 5-12: All subjects

Ellen Hall
TK-3 All Subjects and Grades 9-12th Spanish

Support Staff

Tafay Wilson
Food Services Director & Chef, Newsletter
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David Zweifel
Bus Driver/Maintenance
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Gail D.
Groundskeeper &
Garden Maintenance

Instructional Aides
Sarah Harlan
Lisa Gering
Lisa Eskridge
Gail D.

Food Service Assistants
Bunny Gries
Robin Burnside (volunteer)