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We are incredibly proud of our students, and we want to share their accomplishments with you. Amazing things are happening on and off our school campus every day. We will update this page regularly with all the latest news, so please visit often!

STEM Zone Field Trip

A third field trip will take us to Pebble Beach, into the midst of the first tee open golf tournament, where awaits the STEM Zone, an interactive playground of discovery in the realms of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). At the STEM zone, children have opportunities to become directly involved in the ways that the principles of energy, mass, motion, and forces make things happen. They can experience bending and reflecting of light, launching the mass of a moving object (such as a golf ball) on a directed path, an arc, affected by impact force, gravity, and air-drag friction. The students get to make their own hypotheses on how an action they initiate produces a resulting reaction. The results can be surprising, fascinating, and thought-provoking! At the STEM zone, the sciences behind what they can do at the activities offered become real and a lot of fun!

Commitment to the Environment

It is historically notable that Pacific Valley School has performed the environmental stewardship service of cleaning our local beaches for over a quarter of a century! Back in 1992, we joined the Adopt-a-Beach Program and commenced regular cleanup projects at Sand Dollar Beach and also signed up for what may have been the first year of the International Coastal Cleanup when it came to Monterey County. We established our own segment of the program! Over the last decade, we have provided both the community service of cleaning the beaches of the South Coast of Big Sur, and the scientific collection of litter and debris data for submission to the network of agencies and organizations from local, to state, to national, and international levels, via the Coastal Cleanup Program. Our commitment to the environment of Big Sur is as real as it gets!

Field Trip Adventures

With the start of school, we are looking forward to enhancing the learning experiences for our students with some fun and valuable field trip adventures. Included in the menu have been excursions to explore the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Also, in service to our priceless natural environment and its ecosystems, we will perform as citizen scientists in our annual Coastal Cleanup project at the local beach locations surrounding our school site.

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