Pacific Valley School

With our three to one student/teacher ratio, Pacific Valley School provides truly personalized attention to each of our students. And because our small student population spans preschool through twelfth grade, our students have the opportunity for collaborative learning between age groups, something you won’t find at other area schools.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the environment and means for each student to become a responsible, contributing citizen who is an effective communicator, a complex thinker, an independent learner, a quality producer, and a collaborative learner.

To read more about what these qualities mean to us, please view our complete mission statement.

One-of-a-Kind Education

We are very proud of the unique programs and projects we integrate into each student’s regular school day. Our first-rate curriculum combined with the extracurricular activities we offer help our students grow both inside and outside the classroom.

Students at Pacific Valley School are like none other. They look forward to one-of-a-kind experiences, including:

  • Collaborative learning between grades
  • Ecologically-based field trips
  • Occasional P.E. classes on the beach
  • Learning about power generation and sustainability, since our school is off the power grid and we generate our own power.
  • Wholesome breakfast and lunch nutrition services
  • Caring for the hundreds of Monarch butterflies that find refuge on our campus throughout the year.

Our school has a reputation for excellence when it comes to academics and environmental protection.