Projects and Programs

At Pacific Valley School, we believe in educating the whole child. For us, that means that what they learn outside the classroom is just as important as what they learn inside.

We are happy to provide our students with extracurricular learning opportunities to help them grow in body, mind, and character. We invite you to help support extended learning enrichment at PVS.

Our Programs

Our programs promote environmental stewardship with project-based learning. Our students enjoy hands-on learning as they grow to appreciate the value of nature and taking care of our Earth.

Ambassador of the Arts and Environment

The Ambassadors project evolved from an ancient Latin adage, “One who teaches learns.” Our students learn and develop artistic skills and then take their achievements to share with students at neighboring isolated rural schools like ours in Big Sur. In essence, they spread the wealth of learning by performing an amazing hands-on community service and peer-teaching project that incorporates both art and environmental stewardship. In the process, the students gain an incredibly powerful learning experience.

Distance Learning Schedule


We offer nutritious breakfast and lunch services.

Monarch Butterfly Flyway and Preserve

Our school is on "the front line" in the success of the Monarch butterfly preservation effort. Our school campus is an over-wintering site, official way station, and habitat for hundreds of Western Monarch Butterflies. As part of their curriculum, students collect and input data and information about the Monarchs to share with important conservation organizations like the Xerces Society. Throughout the year, students and staff pause to observe the Monarchs in all stages of their life-cycle—from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.


Current Projects

Our school promotes improvement projects each year to expand our reach as we make a difference in our community. Please contact us to learn more.

The School Garden

The Big Sur Unified School District has recently received a generous donation towards rehabilitating and improving the garden. The nutrition program ensures that foods we grow in the garden and are incorporated into the breakfast and/or lunch menus throughout each month.

Future Teacher Housing

Modernization Grant

Energy Project

Contractor agreement must be signed with district by June 30, 2019. District needs time to receive bids, review them, and choose and sign a contractor onto the project.